Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Im writing my blog on technology used in the classroom. I do think that technology is something we need. Computers help us do homework in a lazy but more perfessional way. But, what happens when computers tare up or the internet isn't working? What do we do then, we fail! I think that if there going to make you look up research papers and do papers using a computer the teachers need to use class time to do it. Some kids are as fortunate to have computers or how to use a computer. What happens to those kids that dont have one? Most teachers just assume all kids have one. My sister is in 9th grade right now and she doesn't have a computer and her teacher does not care. She had to recently do a 10 page report, which she had never had to do before and the teacher didn't explain how to do it nor let them work on it in class. My sister failed that project becaues she didn't know how to even start writing a paper like that. She didn't know what a works cited page was nor did she know what a outline was. The teacher told them she wasn't going to help them they were on their own. I think if the teacher is going to assign something like that then they should help them find sources, teach them the proper way to do the paper, and let them work on it in class asking questions. But, unfortunately most teachers don't! So i do think that computers are a great way to find things and work on papers if the teachers let the students work on it in class or they make sure all students have a computer and know how to do it!